HCC Coding Services

Acurus’ custom developed technology enhances the process while maximizing the HCC coder’s knowledge. This ensures that we deliver quality data back to the clients at the highest value.

Acurus AI

Acurus AI analyzes your patient data from multiple sources to ID patients that are high risk and identify all the disease condition for the patient before the provider sees the patient – Proactive Claims Review.

  • Immediate calculation and display of “before” and “after” RAF score
  • Contract Review – Understanding the impact of risk scores on payments
  • Encounter Review – Assure that every claims includes all possible diagnosis codes
  • Accuracy – Insure codes are specific and granular for risk scoring
  • Reduce Denied Claims – Denied claims cannot be included in risk score
  • Provider Training


AIMSTM tracks each and every patient record (Images or XML files) right from receipt from client through review, annotation of records, coding, coding QC and final reporting to Client. History of each and every step followed by the Coders is stored in AIMSTM for easy retrieval of information and accurate report generation. AIMSTM is used by the management to allocate and track productivity and quality metrics of all coders and auditors.


Acurus maintains specially designed checklists to ensure all steps are performed in the correct sequence and at the correct intervals to derive maximum benefit. Commonly used checklists are:

  • Project Start up ticklers
  • Patient chart retrieval ticklers
  • HCC coding ticklers
  • Physician Training Check List

Our coders will review the charts and:

  • Identify all the ICD-10-CM to the seventh digit
  • Establish casual relationship and associated ICD-10-CM codes
  • Extract CMS 5 Star/HEDIS related clinical data from patient charts
  • Identify Documentation deficiencies including symbols and signature requirement


Acurus is staffed with experienced and certified coders that strive to provide all customers with the highest level of customer service and leading problem solving capabilities.